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Full-Stack Vue + Node
Learn to build a full-stack Vue.js CRUD app and authenticated Node.js API with MongoDB
Testing Vue Apps - Unit & E2E
Learn enterprise Vue best practices - unit testing, E2E testing, and continuous deployment
Vue.js Enterprise Crash Course
A quick intro to enterprise Vue development skills including full-stack architecture, testing, and deployment
Component & API Documentation
Create interactive component docs with Vue Styleguidist and beautiful API docs with apiDoc
Vue.js Crash Course
A whirlwind tour of Vue! Learn what it is, what kind of apps you can build, how it compares to React & Angular, and more
Build Your First Vue.js App
Get started with Vue by learning the basic features and building a real Vue app!
Single-Page Apps w. Vue Router
Learn Vue hands-on by building a modern, component-based web app with SPA architecture
Advanced Vue 2 - Vuex & SSR
Become a Vue.js expert by learning to build a high-performing, server-rendered app with Vuex!

Technologies you'll learn


JavaScript Framework


Node Framework


NoSQL Database


Modern JavaScript


Project Scaffolding


Authentication Standard

GitLab CI

Deployment Pipeline


Test Runner

Vue Test Utils

Component Testing Framework


Automated Browser Testing


Cloud Hosting Platform


API Development Environment

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Vue.js Essentials

  • beginner
  • intermediate
  • 4 courses
  • 175 lectures
  • 12 hours

Learn the essentials of Vue and the Vue ecosystem including the framework basics, single-page app development, Vuex, server-side rendering, and more.

Vue.js Professional

  • beginner
  • intermediate
  • advanced
  • 8 courses
  • 305 lectures
  • 25 hours

If you're serious about a Vue career then this is the plan for you. Learn professional skills including full-stack architecture, testing, authentication, and deployment.

Affordable membership you can cancel at anytime
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Skills you'll learn

Vue basics
Vue Router
Full-stack architecture
Unit testing
E2E testing

What the Vue Community is saying

"Anthony could make a course about how to make a good course. It is easy to follow, to understand and each short video covers a tiny, comprehensive feature, just as it should."

Hector Bella Ticoulat

"The instructor knows his stuff, and the way of gradually introducing new features and showing multiple projects from start to finish is a great way to bring students along."

Matthew Horvat

"This course is exactly what I was looking for, not much theory, more key concepts, and more hands on the code, really well-structured course"

Marco Munoz

"Super-clear, quality teaching. Easy to follow and to understand. Recommended."

Darren-Lee Joseph

"Excellent course. To the point issues discussed are relevant only to the framework in question no unnecessary tangents... 10/10 would buy again."

Andre M

"Anthony provided a great introduction to Vue.js! After completing the course, I feel like I understand the core foundation of Vue.js and can dive right in to building applications and learning additional features of the framework."

Michael Frank

"Excellent teacher....I don't feel confused, or left behind, and the subject matter is properly explained as we go. If you want to enjoy learning Vue.js, take this course."

Eric Stone

"The course is comprehensive and gives deep details on many Vuejs features, yet introduces them gradually and with thorough explanations. It helps to close a gap between reading Vuejs documentation and building real applications fast and easily."

Eugene Nikolayev

"Excellent coverage of Vue js framework, the steady increase in complexity as the course goes on helps you retain information and gain a deep understanding of Vue."

Vincent Pauley

"Very helpful. I learned I lot of new stuff and I thinks its doing projects like that is the best way to learn. Thank you"

Ibrahim Hasan Abtula